New Listing: WeldPro (Specialized Welding & Light/Medium Steel Fabrication & Repairs)

Specialized Welding of all Materials, utilizing all welding techniques and processes (All welders are qualified and coded welders); Light/Medium Steel Fabrication according to Customers specifications and/or drawings supplied; Mobile Welding Facilities (for Site Operations & Projects); Contracted Welders (for Site Operations & Projects); Reconditioning of Motors; Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Tanks; Manufacturing & Assembly of Pressure Vessels (X-Ray Welding); Repairing of all Site Tanks (Mobile and/or fixated); Weld Repairs to any Cast Iron, Cast Steel or Aluminium Machine Parts; Hardface layering on all Machine Wear Parts; Repair of all Buckets & Excavator Parts (All Earthmoving Machinery & Equipment); Weld Repairs to various pump housings and impellers; Welding of Drill Shafts and Rigs; Weld Repairs and Assembly of Hydraulic Cylinders; Truck Hoarse, Body & Component Repairs (All Types of Trucks); Tanker Repairs (Milk, Chemical, Gas & Fuel); Truck Trailer Repairs; Diesel Tank Repairs & Modifications; Glass Beading & Polishing; Mobile Crusher Liner Plates repaired (Mostly Site Operations); Pipe Fitting & Welding (X-Ray Welding); Dye Penetrant Testing of Components performed by Weld Pro upon request of Customer only; NDT Testing & WPS Reports & WQR Reports also offered at an additional charge if required by customer on their specific welded job due to outsourcing charges being costly; We are however in possession of certified codes on various materials for various welding processes on previous completed and tested projects and these can be submitted upon request only.